I want in my ears the music of unknown tongues
From lands where I yet have not been
Before my eyes the tapestry of scenes
Of town and country I before have not been…
I want to feel the zest of life to find
The heretofore unknown that once I knew
When I as with such roamed such lands
Fueled by the curiosity in me that grew
With sight and sound and thought of the unexplored
Before the passion for such by life was jaded
And I to reality and the humdrum became a slave
Under the chains if which passion for which had faded.
I, the wanderer, tired before my time
Of walking, from walking paths of necessity not choice
Seek to be free again to fly the flight of life
Sing as a bird with a new voice
To wake to the unknown day and dawn in a new town
To look to the unknown hours with hope and trust
I of the gypsy spirit but not of gypsy blood
Desire to give in to my wanderlust…

Antwerp Port in Belgium
Antwerp Port in Belgium

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