Walking Under Edenmore Hill

Walking Under Edenmore Hill

Random scattered shades of brown,
Rarer yellows, more common black hues,
What  was once a trickle a torrent is now,
Rain falls as always as my shoes
Walk yet again where often before
I’ve walked, its as if I know each bush
Each bird that sings from trees as I pass,
Blackbird, jackdaw, crow and thrush…

The wind howl loud, branches bent low,
Bowed by wind that angry blows,
Yet I walk on for I like such days
Nature is nature no matter what mood it shows
Bitter winds bite my face as if kisses
Still I brave, or crazy, press ahead,
Only the hardy, or like I, the foolish
Walk here on days like this instead
Of those summer days when the butterfly breeze
Makes a walker wish to dance with the sun…
Not on a day such as that I chose to walk,
In the midst of storms fury I find my fun.

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