Walking Tara

Walking the site at Tara
Walking the site at Tara

Where druids walked, I walked it too
The footsteps of history
Walked by soldiers, rebels, peasants and kings
Walked by my poet friends, and me.

If, those in power, they were to
As they did with Tara, build roads that heritage destroys
Would folk be as silent and not care
If the site was Clonfert, Knock or Clonmacnois?

To a perceived national apathy of the destruction of the site at Tara, the poet while walking there pondered if similar was done at Clonmacnois for instance, where all the round towers, the church ruins, the cemetery, right up to McCarthys castle were leveled to make a roadway, and the roundabouts of the same were called after the monuments that were destroyed to make them, there would be national uproar.Tara is four or more times the size of that, dates back to the time of the pyramids, and was in use at Christs time and long after.

Even Opus Dei, whose HQ is beside one of the main sites – its importance to the complex being only understood now after the development, tried to point out what was being destroyed, but to deaf ears that worship not God, but Mammon.

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