Walking in Autumn in Banagher

As falling are the leaves from the trees
I walked along at my ease
From nowhere to anywhere
Having not a care
With only myself to please…

Wind blowing formed a breeze light
As I admired the sight
As I walked through the town
Kicked the leaves golden and brown
As ahead I saw some dogs fight…

Below me in splendor- the river Shannon spread
As was, like a ribbon, the town ahead
The long narrow street
As the traffic and few people I meet
Past me without heeding the cars sped.

A walk they say in Autumn, does a body good,
Partake in it, its said, to do is good,
But we commit the crime
Of saying we don’t have the time
Knowing if we really wanted to we could.

Down by the riverbank I slowly walk
Children to each other loudly talk
Twins in a buggy, one in dreams,
Woken by the others screams
As from an aerial I hear a Jackdaw squawk.

All of a sudden – a great noise is made
Of an approaching fire brigade
And as it passes by
I fail to turn an eye
As they rush to some burning houses aid.

The night now is quickly falling
Someone somewhere a name is calling
As I turn my key in the door
I return home once more
As I close it somewhere outside a baby is bawling…

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