Walking Among a Host of Faded Daffodils at Lough Atalia

And all at one I saw a crowd
A host, of golden daffodils
~ Wordsworth

Walking on Lough Atalias banks
In summer sun upon I came
A scene captured in verse before
Where Wordsworth upon similar came
But I too see their beauty was
It being summer, a month too late
The golden was now a dull yellow brown
Looked worn and in a sorry state.

Oh, to see them in their prime,
Growning in clumps spread far and wide
I did not see, the gate to the field being closed
To where they grew by the lakeside
Not planted by man, but spread by nature
They must have looked lovely yellow heads in the breeze
Maybe next year should I near here be
I shall to see the chance shall sieze!

Daffodils - faded daffodils at Lough Atalia
Daffodils – faded daffodils at Lough Atalia

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