Walk at Lough Annagh Remembered

Annagh Lake in North Longford near Ballinamuck
Annagh Lake in North Longford near Ballinamuck

A rather melancholic reflection I remember while walking last year at Annagh Lake. Life indeed tames us all… or am I just feeling old?

As the sun set and the night crept in
The lights shone bright of the passing cars
By Lough Annagh I sat on the summers evening
As the county got ready to go to bars
As I once did, not so much any more
For every phase there is a time that does pass
Older now, am I getting sensible I ask
As I get up from seated on the grass.

Age calms us all, that we though we would never see
I thrive the in the country I once thought odd
Having grown up in the heart of a country town
Where the old in fear renewed acqaintence with God
As the bell for the Angelous rang
Or morning mass, Banagher hill climbed folk not able to walk
Having little else in old age to do maybe
Getting peace of mind: meeting a friend for a talk.

Shall I like them one day be
Rosary beads in hand in chapel pews
Or on the sunday morning as the pub opens
Be waiting outside for the want of booze?
What lifes brings us to, reduces us in time
Another beast entirely of man life will make
I walked the roads to my little home
I remember that walk at Annagh Lake.

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