Video Poetry

Video poetry is a genre Tomás Ó Cárthaigh has been working in for the past few years, with a selection online on site. Featuring readings to  a selection of backgrounds and set to music, these sort films of poetry readings being a slice of extra entertainment to the genre.


The Walking People
Irelands nomadic Traveler population did not always have the stigman attached to them as it current today…

A Dance of Joy and Survival
Bad times are but round the corner, the Romani believe. So dance while there is music, for you will have time enough to cry when there no longer is music played.

A Postcard to Her Father Sent
The tragic Maria Lazum story, as related by Paul Polansky. But one name of millions of nameless who died in the Holocaust.

The Flowing Dargle
Dublins little known Dargle River has inspired artists throughout time. One such painting inspired this poem.

As Alone as the Moon
Sometimes, it is good to be alone…

Have we as mankind not learned from WWII at all?

Poem To A Cow and the Poets Who Wrote About Her
Comedic musing after reading poets writing about a cow!

Laziness Is A Virtue
Based on the quote from Lech Walelsa

Clonmacnoise: The Ancient City
A universite during the Dark Ages, its more peacful these days…
I Hope When Old To Waste My Time
George Bernard Shaw was not a fan of chess… I however, am!
Flying Over Europe
Flying over Holland on my way to the Czech Rep, I looked down at the view bomber pilots of all sides had before they dropped their payloads…
Arched Ceilings of the Pinkas Synagogue
On seeing the names on the walls, I asked, does God at all exist?



A Horse Is A Horse
Horses are more like man than cattle… how can we eat them?

An Endangered Species
The humble kiosk is part of our heritage we are losing without anyone caring…

Give to Me an Angry Sea
I was never one to let a storm destroy a good walk…

Walking by Swans at Lough Sallagh
Poetic musings while walking by the lake at Ballinamuck

911 – A Tribute Poem
Two wrongs dont make a right, but the fallen cannot be forgotton

I Believe
Some Christian affirmation in Rhyme…

There Is No Welcome Here
The poet ponders why there is no welcome for outsiders from tribal peoples…

Haikus for Iran
Not suiting the current western aganda… Irans democrats are stranded and ignored…

Two Roman Bridges at Porto Torres
Modern versus Roman building… which will still be here in a thousand years?

From the Womb She Speaks
Feminist, secular and pro life… not three words often in the same description. Leaving God out of the argument…



Lady of the Sweetest Smile
Faint heart won not the fair lady. Unknowing, she is now something of a muse…

Lettera D’amore
Letter to the unknowing beloved, from he who left his love unspoken…

I Loved Her, She Loved Horses
Music and singing by Guillherme Schroeter, words by me…

To See Her, To Love But Her, And Forever
A play on the Robert Burns poem is the foundation of this love song. Music by Guillherme Schroeter

What Could Never Be
Too little, too late. It could never have been…

The Sad Broken Little Clock
A clock, a little boy, and a lease of new life for the clock…

Saint Rynagh’s Church Bell
The bell at Banaghers local church was often broken…

No Christ Was He — Errors of Karl Marx
Karl Marx did not get everything right. Only a good Marxist will admit that.

Modern Venus
Inspired by the Roz McQuillan painting…

The Reluctant Lover
Alas… he was too late…


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