Via del Carmen, Sassari

Tapestries hanging on a wall
Alphabets and poems
Embroidered by women when girls
Hanging on  walls of their homes
Handed down by mother to daughter
As a families heirloom
There’s one hanging here as I look
At the walls of this room

Out in the hall they are in Yiddish
As gently I ask, story to seek
The lady lets on not to understand
Or that German she  does not speak.
What is the story of these people
Who managed to survive
May God guide and bless them
As He kept their forefathers alive.

* Inspired by wall tapestries on the wall of the B&B I stayed in in Sassari. In German – and Yiddish – they were similar to ones Id seen before in the Pinkas Synagogue in Prague. The woman of the house let on to have no German, nor would she elaborate on the embroideries at all.

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