Verses on Economics

The workers pain is for the employers gain
As to do his work de does strive
Who from the harvest gets barely a grain
Enough just to let him survive
The employer merely for sitting and for work setting
And investing money, thereby risking all
The weight of the profit he is getting
To lose as much should the venture fall.


Is this right that this is so?
That this state of things can be?
How are we to know:
Unless we look at it and see?
He who has chosen to
Either invest or to keep
These are choices few
Should he for him let his money work or sleep?


Should he invest and all goes to plan
His venture works: money he will make a lot
He shall be a very rich man
But what happens if he does not?
What if all is to fail?
The business does not go as planned?
All his plans, they derail
Then, where shall he stand?


He shall be all right as a rule
As he did not invest it all
If he did then he was a fool
And trying to be a wiseman was his fall!
He shall have kept some in the bank
For when things do, as they will: go wrong
And he his wisdom he will thank
For it will help him struggle along


But he who his fortune makes
As in a good living with plenty to spare
Shall he be thrifty for his books’ sakes?
Or his benefits shall he share?
Without his workers who work hard
No money would he have, not a bob
But on the other hand he has the card,
That without him they’d not have a job.


Should the State not hold the Purse?
And to Finance the profits take:
They then can help when things get worse
From all the profits that they make
Prices of food can be kept down, little inflation
Then wages for people high we don’t have to keep
Cost of living will be low on the population
As food and services then will be cheap.


With little pressure on the market, little depression
As on the bad side little booms
Everyone can afford a decent session
Creating for service employment even more room
When we have the minimum and maximum wage
With limits on the working week
People starting work at a younger age
There will be little of the problems of which we so often speak


When State provides secure employment
The land and market can be better managed
Less worries, and more work enjoyment
And less environment damaged
As profit would not be the end of all
But viability would be ensured
And they will not run when it’s all about to fall
But shall invest, and the economic ill be cured!


But what of Britain’s tale
State companies with corruption widespread?
Bad services and businesses that otherwise would fail
Where money sinks like in water does lead?
If ever the managers were like the Revenue men
And the Commissioners kept a keen eye
This would not happen again
As corruption would not pass them by.


“If” being the important word here,
If only things like this could be
For their future no one would have to fear
Their way forward all could see
But where there is Absolute Power
There will be Absolute Corruption, they say
Still, I dream of the day and the hour
When Democrats try economics the Marxist way. !

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