Verse to a Praying Druid

Druids prayer – to a god you know
And have prayed to through the years
That you say has never let you down
And made you face your fears.
I hear your chants in the morning sun
As the jackdaw takes to the sky
From the branch of the sacred yew
To among his kindred fly.

An Ollamh recites his verse
In mumbled utterings to himself known
A understudy’s garb of green in the wind blows
His status as student shown
A king in drunken slumbers sleeps
Among women naked two
And the monk in his cell too says his prayers
To the God that Abraham knew.

Your time to an end is coming
No matter how you chant your prayers
Incantations and curses that you dole
Animals are sold at fairs
And folk follow the faiths their kings tell them to
And as they abandon yours and you
Take solace in the fact they from Jesus will stray
For lose faith is what all men do.

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