Vampire Killed By Love

I have a friend who is big into all Vampire stories, and we were discussing the saying about who loves the flower more, the one who plucks it, or the one who lets it grow, and being me, I thought I’d make it into a verse!

Sun behind the Trees - Legga in Longford, Ireland
Sun behind the Trees – Legga in Longford, Ireland

Sisters two walked out one night
Who before birth had shared the womb
Met a ghostly entracing sight
Of two brothers from the tomb
Who were entranced by the ladies two
Though hungry they were for maidens blood
They said they would let these be
As spoil their lives neither could.

The maidens bade to walk with them
So the brothers walked with the misses
Shared time and more as lovers do
Among romantic caresses and passionate kisses…
Walking back the ladies bade
Their lovers with them to spend the night
The vampires said that if they loved them
They cannot be out in the dawns light.

On the way back the sisters saw
Bright in the moonlight in shadows shade
Flowers beautiful of unknown name
What a odd and beautiful sight they made!
“Oh, I love these so, these beautiful flowers…”
Said Flora, “I for my vase for them must pluck”
“If you love them” said her man, ” leave them be
For others to admire, enjoy and look”.

Her sister Sophia, till now silent, stepped forward
Scoffed at him and these words did say
“Is it not the height of a plants life
To be central to a girls bouquet?”
So she carried home a posie of flowers
They had not to travel far
She got her blooms, sugar and water
Set them in the window in a jar.

The ladies fair and their men so handsome
Being tired went to their respective bedrooms
The hours ticked by, as on they slept
Slowly the night gave up its gloom.
Lady Flora, who let the flowers grow,
Her man she woke, to set him free…
Sofia, her sister, lazy, slept on too long
The rising sun she did not see…

Until she was awoken by horrific screams
A specter in her bed thrashing as if in hell…
The sunlight shone on her lover as he lay in her bed…
Straight from Hades the burning smell…
He ran from her bed through the hall
Knocked over the table where she had the flowers set
Is smashed on the floor, blooms scorched in the heat
Her cries are talked of even yet…

Sophia saught to keep and she lost all…
From her lover to the humble flower
Life tells to keep we first must want to let go
Fate and Destiny have the power…
Neighbouring their town their lived a priest
Who was said to have power over spells…
He visited the sisters in their house one night…
So goes the tale the locals tell.

He heard of the girl who spared the flowers
Which grew and spread for all to enjoy
Whose good heart set even her lover free
And of her sister Sophia who was selfish with flowers and boy…
He said his prayers, and for six months he said
Flora of the good heart would enjoy her man…
But he would be aged and she nurse him to death
As all good women desire to but few can.

Her Flora sister is still said to walk the woods
Crazy now for the love she lost
She sees him vision before her eyes
She scares all folk whose paths have crossed
With hers as she walks on walks so wild
Because she wanted flowers and men all to herself…
In time her sister buried the now old man
Met another and married… the other stayed on the shelf.

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Dee Yan-Key: “String Quintet No 3”

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