Unborn Child Drawn by Da Vinci

Leonardo Da Vinci - Child in Womb drawing detail
Leonardo Da Vinci – Child in Womb drawing detail

We are never as pure as when before we are born, when we truly are faultless, but again, he who walks through sin and is tempted little is purer than he who chose not to talk through the temptation lest he give in. Life truly before birth is as valid as after, no matter what the pro-choice lobby says. An old verse of mine…

Drawn by Da Vinci’s hand
Curled in womb, head on knees,
An infnat unborn, without sin
The viewer of the picture sees.

An infant pure who has not sinned
Or angered God in any way
Who has not learned to laugh or cry
Knows not how t osin or pray.

Like water to which mud is added:
Is never as pure after birth as it was before…
But birth – it IS life, mystery and wonder:
After birth, the child is MORE!

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