Unable to Understand the Anger

Tullamore Courthouse and Gaol
Tullamore Courthouse and Gaol

Unable to understand the anger
That seems to emanate
From some folk who fight the world
Because they are from an estate
They think the worlds against them,
That they are sure to fall,
They fail to see, that also for me,
Its a problem faced by all.

They got a free home – we paid for ours,
It took us a hundred years
Three generations of working farmers
Worry, sweat and tears.
There was little education,
You took in life what you could
For all the problems in your life…
You saw all in life as good.

How is it that homes are seen just as stones,
With life people cannot cope
Is it that folk are forgotten,
We forgot to give them hope?
Could there be a time they see a place in the world
Give unto them what then should have been
As there was jobs and a role given in life
When the British settled the Spailpín?

But we did not do that for those,
Who Lumpenproletariat by Marx were called
Who himself at them despaired
Throwing his hands up, appalled
Should we not be more progressive than he
See all as equal, as all have yearned…
Fight for opportunity for all, reason for hope…
What will follow is a respect for themselves and the world they’ll have earned.

But then again, it is not as it is presented,
These “artists” and their angst expressed loud…
Empty buckets rattle the most…
They do not speak for the crowd…
The 90% who DO make the most of the world…
Where-ever they come from or may be…
Don’t blame their circumstances for their lives,
Hate outsiders and the Gardai…

So the next time you hear a gurrier
Talk of their hardships and such crap…
Remember hes not the 90% of where he is from…
He is just one lonely chap.
Marx was wrong about the Lumpenproletariat…
All working class folk, we are the same…
Most of us unseen work away quietly…
The shysters make of their circumstances a game…

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