Tyler from Beyond the Grave

The Tyler protects the Lodge door from the Cowan
The Tyler protects the Lodge door from the Cowan

Sometimes, within the dead of night, the lodge held in the grip of the dark,
When no master sits on the Dias in his chair,
When all think that all men – and of this world have – gone home…
Yet it seems in this Lodge, thats one, just one, he is still there!

When the Light shines no more, and brethren in their homes they sleep,
A tale is told of a spirit that roams, and doors that no longer open,
The caretaker is scared, silently to himself he says a prayer
No matter the force of the hand of the man, or to an invisible ear offered a token…

It does not budge – something unseen holds it firm against the Cowans ear,
It seems that some folk to this world, beyond death itself are a slave,
For some reason one Brother does not rest, and his Lodge protects,
This Brother takes his job as Tyler beyond the grave…”

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