Two Magpies on Stephens Green

Two magpies seen on Stephens Green
One seen before the other
I thinking it sorrow meant
I looked quickly for another

And finding it, camera I tool
A picture for to take
A scene pretty it seemed to me
And to take for beauties sake.

But, no, before I took the snap
The first upped and flew away
And drat to that and all of that
To Myself I did say.

My luck is like that in life it seems
All looks bad at first
And then something good happens
And I avoid the worst.

But when my fortune I seek to keep
Away from me it does fly
And I again must bide my time
Another time to try.

To take your chance in life is like a picture
You must be ready, camera switched on
Point and click and secure the scene
Before the picture is gone.

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