Twelve Mourned as Two Thousand are Forgotten

The death of one man is a tragedy, the death of millions is a statistic
~ Josef Stalin

March in Paris for the Charlie Hebdo murders
March in Paris for the Charlie Hebdo murders

Millions marched – a world looked on in sympathy
As is right and proper, for the Paris Twelve who were slain…
As they were remembered, in another land two thousand lie forgotten
But a footnote in the news that week they remain.

The death of millions but a statistic are
He should know: the words of Stalin lie true
The death of one a tragedy – or as in Paris, twelve
The world shrugs at 2000 in Nigeria, we identify easy each with a few

As the twelve dead in the Charlie Hebdo massacre bring millions to the streets, the Nigerian town of Baga has had small problems akin to Paris, bar their death toll is 2000. Where are the marches for Baga?

Ref: The Independent

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