Tullamore Rhymers All Set for Body and Soul

It is set to be a fantastic solstice weekend, with the Tullamore Rhymers featuring at Body and Soul in the Bulmers Lounge, not alone on one night, but on two.

Other acts expected coming from Galway, and regulars at the Roisin Dubh is soundman Steven Sharpe and his band The Broke Straight Boys, and hostess / MC Tracy Bruen and her band, in full sound which I am looking forward to hearing.

Old friends of the Tullamore Rhymers and regular attendees at the Scene of the Rhyme event A-musing also have a set at Body and Soul.

I of course am all excited about seeing Leftfield, and the Body and Soul festival has craft classes as well as information on all things eco and sustainable, and I look forward to baffling a few folk on talking to them about incinerating toilets that are planned for Ballinamuck!

I was introducing the Rhymers to the audience at the Roisin Dubh, whose open mic I attended again this Sunday past, where I read “A Future Vision When No Future We See” – while it is funny there was a rapper there that goes by the name of Crazed who blew us away with a verse that David Mallaghan himself would have been proud of.

On the poetry front, that night was closed by a chap Francesco, who did a lengthy spoken word piece in complex English structure that would leave a native like me tongue tied, and he had a very strong accent to condent with in its delivery. Th passion for the performance can be seen in the dedication people put into learning stuff off, which I fail to do miserable on a regular basis!

So, we are all set. All I have to get is my tent!

Oh, and a lift!

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