Toddling Along to the Polling Booth

Yesterday, Enda Kenny told Paul Murphy to “toddle along” to Irish water to find answers to his questions, showing utter contempt for the opposition and the people of this island. In time, we will be at the ballot box, and assuming what comes out is the same as what goes in, we will be telling im and his ilk to toddle along!

We will toddle along in our own good time
Cast our votes, and cast you out
Who sell your land for thirty pieces of silver
Your heritage but words from the mouth

There will be banking tribunals in their own good time
Layers will have yet another fortune made
As they did from the Beef ones, and the abuse ones
But of them you are not afraid

For in Ireland, in its own good time
We know no justice will ever be got
But we can and we will replace you
When we toddle along to vote – doubt it not!

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