To Follow An Eagle in Flight – the Flight of Peltier

In flight they free their captors
Who are in hot pursuit
Who seek only vengeance
And do not care for the truth
Above them appeared an eagle
Sitting in a tree
Some whose faith were strong declared
A manifestation of Tunkashila – The Great Mystery

And decreed to follow the bird
That flew strong and sure and low
And brought them to a water main
That ran underground through which water did flow
And all crept to the water main
And the bird circles the sky
And freedom was at its end
And no one wondered how or why

And each man after went his road
Let to freedom by the eagle
Who sat in a tree there
As if a king regal
Just another bird to the White Man
But to the Native who has Faith strong
That was his God, and for his Belief
He was led the path far from wrong.

His spirit is with the eagle
It can never be caged
An eagle who sits waiting on a bough
When his soul leaves his body aged.

And that eagle will bring him to heaven
A land where the buffalo roam
Wild and free for the hunting
And heaven will be like home
Tunkashila is there always with him
His spirit is not broken yet
He is as strong as Mandela
Even if they cage him till his death.

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