Thought I – A Poem I’ll Write

Thought I a poem I will write
Thought I a poem I will write…

Thought I: a poem I’ll write
For her every day,
Though never loved was she by I
My feelings for her I’d show in my own way.

But my feelings that I did hide
Was I right not to let them be shown?
A friend I was to her like many
Of my love she has not known.

Never known and never will
From now until our death,
It is as if that in our lives
Her and I never met.

Think I: a poem I’ll write
But not every day,
To enrich my memory
Or that I’m a fool, to say!

To be a fool over a girl like  her:
To be such I am content
For she was good and she was pure
So to be called so is a compliment.

For I am not the only one
Who by beauty was struck when paths crossed…
Was I lucky or did I lose
When I never had her love to have lost?

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