Those Who Perfection Seek Shall Be Smited for Their Pride

Those who total perfection seek shall be smited for their Pride
For to achieve perfection is to say you are better than all others
God made man with qualities of both bad and good inside
No one, though he may think himself to be, is any better than another

Some seek perfection in faith, declare here other beliefs
And decree that damned others shall be on their death
They shall find, when death catches them unawares like a thief
That they were far from salvation, and on the wrong road had set

Fools before in Babylon set a tower to build to Heaven as perfect men
And angers God by the audacity of its construction
H confused their tongues, so they could never claim to speak a Holy Tongue again
And of the towel and Babylon knew destruction.

Fools across the world before and in the present day
Hold books, declare their faith the one pure and true
And angered God again, as did the Tower builders did in their way
So God said their insolence they would rue.

And God went down and set doubt in the minds of man
After confusing their tongues he now confused their faith
For it is by how a man lives, not by what professes to Believe
Shall make him see Salvation, or be Turned from Heavens Gate.

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