This Is What Death Looks Like

The wild stare as his last breath
His weakened lungs struggled to make
A gaping mouth as to breath
He tries, his last breath does take

Victim of savagery
They lost all they owned and had
Others thought them sub-human
In an age so wild and mad.

How men look to fellow man
And think of himself so great
That he has the right to kill
The other man he does hate?

This is what hate it looks like
This it is its consequence
For all men in time will die:
But these deaths: they make no sense

Armenia and Namibia
They of holocaust knew too
And in years before the war
Of the things mankind can do.

This is but one of millions
Of victims in war who died
Innocents in the conflicts
Who to just survive they tried

But they were not combatants
In the wars fierce fighting caught
But they selected for their blood
Others said that die they aught.

The more that mankind they learn
The less man he seems to know
It could again tomorrow
What happened not long ago.

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