The Watchers Awake Who Angered Their Master

They waited for their master
And on sight called his name
But the master was not happy
When to his home he came
Sure the staff were not asleep
Awake they stayed him to greet
Some took his coat, more made him tea
And more gave slippers for his feet.

But they spent so long watching
As they all felt they should
There was no food or beds prepared
So to appease his anger was no good
And so he ranted loud and long
Though hard his workers had slaved
And stayed awake to let him in
He still shouted and raved.

God, I feel is like that
He wants us to be aware
He may arrive at any time
Wants us awake when he calls there.
But he does not want us just watching
If we do so He will not forgive
Life was not given for watching
It was given for us to live.

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