The Three Wishes of Willie the Wisp

Based on the story from the Folklore Commission

The Fairy in the Forge - J McNiece
The Fairy in the Forge – J McNiece

There once was a blacksmith as broke as could be,
Who no future or hope in his life he could see,
Working one day with anvil and hammer and tongs
Thinking the issues of the time and life woes and its wrongs…
All at once before him an apparition appeared
One of the wee folk of whom folk are a-feared
“Willie the Wisp” said the fairy, “three wishes I’ll grant
To help you resolve your troubles and resources so scant.
But you must make the wishes today before noon…
So get your head a thinking and wish for them soon!”

So horseshoes tossed aside to his wife he raced,
Who for dinner some dry bread and a sup of tay before him placed
He wished for just a small sausage on his bread to eat:
One appeared just by magic, the fairies great feat!
His wife was dawsie and a bit of a targe
Argued about him being stupid and suchlike she did barge
In a fit of wild anger she wished the sausage stuck to his face…
When up jumped the said sausage and stuck in that place!

Well they tugged at the sausage, but it would not give,
Or move an inch or a bit if they pulled on it every moment they’d live,
So Willy wished that from his face the scalding hot sausage had gone…
With that his wishes were used, to the very last one…
So there is a moral to this quite odd tale
Think before you wish, or your lot you may fail
Argue not with those who your wishes will mock…
Or you may lose all wishes before noon strikes on the clock!!!

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