The Second Sign

Spinning wheels filled with voices
The second sign of worlds end
The coming of the fifth world
From the Fourth we shall transcend

Wagons great they rolled the plains
White men’s families inside
Chitter chatter emitting
They echoed across the plains wide

Sooner days, gramophones
Their records shaped as a wheel
Voices from them do emit
And music, as bells do peal.

This has been seen through the years
Truth: they are the second sign
The Fourth World is near its end
And ourselves we resign

Its not something of fear
The world itself shall renew
It has happened here before
Those who survive will be few

As we are from six million
Before, we are but few now
We survived what we went through
We’ll reach the Fifth somehow.

The Hopi, among other tribes, have a belief in the changing of worlds, and this short series of poems goes through those signs of the change that is imminent.

The Maya also had the same, though the counts of worlds passed differ, the signs are similar.

One of the signs is “Spinning Wheels filled with voices”, the focus of this poem…

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