The Nun Who Changed a Bishops Heart

Saint Marguerite Bourgeoys - Feast Day Jan 12th
Saint Marguerite Bourgeoys – Feast Day Jan 12th
In memory of St. Marguerite Bourgeoys

Strong of will, conviction and faith
As are all who to their way by God are called
The way of the times was to be hidden away
To pray, to live, from society walled.

But she was not to be held behind walls
But was to live with the poor in the town
To save, to teach, to rear, to guide
The standards of the day to be torn down.

A man of God and of the cloth
With feet of clay, that walked the world too long
Was shown the needs of Canada poor
Was the way and will of God a nun strong.

We are all in our lives are told the walls
Of the standards of the thinking to live within
Let us have her faith, belief and strength
Let us for those who need us, the battle win!

Irish Catholic

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