The Life Of Reilly’s Grandson

Life of Reillys Grandson
Life of Reillys Grandson

Reilly was the name of my Granny
Though Molly was not her name
Of Reillys they were many
So they were known of from where they came…
And she married Donahoe
And then they had me mam
I’m her grandson, so
Reillys Grandson I am!!!

I’m respectable enough
Or at least that so I say,
But at times have been spotted
Where playboys are seen at play
Where walked are the sidewalks
By the ladies of the night
Who to our passing hero
Pass time with them they invite

Sober and upright at home,
But yet when I am away
Among folk of other lands
I have been not so some say…
Sometimes at house parties
Have been seen in a riotous mood
Sampling exotic spirits
As to not do so would be rude!

Walked the streets of many lands
Europe’s nations I have crossed,
Yet often in Offaly
Or in Longford have got lost.
I understand a little Cyrillic script,
Exotic town street names,
But get confused when are used
Lands tongues from which Ive came!

Drink with loud drunks and plays pool,
Language no barrier, I get by…
That’s when the trouble starts for me:
What Ive says made crazy drunks cry…
You wonder how then and now
Such frivolity: unpredictability, such fun
The walking calamity that is
The life of Reilly’s grandson!

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