The Land Between Two Rivers

The land between where two rivers flow
Wonders if ever peace again it will know
Forgotten are the glories of long ago
Where in the ground first was planted seeds…

Land of Babylon: rocked now by explosions loud
The meddling of outsiders has not allowed
You be the nation you should be: proud
As red rivers your nation bleeds…

But time in time in its own way
Will solve the war, and there will stay
A peace of sorts when men will say
It will never be the same…

And the West should hang their head
For in the history books to come it will be said
That all of Iraq’s innocent dead
Are a result of our acts of shame…

You throw a chicken to a dog to stop its howl
For it is annoying you when he does howl
Be not amazed when he tears the fowl
To pieces… limb from limb.

When you cast a land to anarchy
As you don’t like the ruler, and its people are not free
Don’t be surprised when his successor is worse than he
For there is always worse than him.

Some day where the two rivers flow wide
There will be if our time we bide
A peace, if not prosperity along the side
Of the waters, where the la along the banks.

And war in its savage progression
And its tens of thousands dead all in procession
Shall cede to peace and its profession
Thats its success owes to us in the West no thanks.

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