The Fairy Boatmen of Banagher

Verse inspired by a story from the folkore collection

Out walking his dog on a July evening
In the river there afloat
What he thought were local children
Our on the water in someones boat.
It was getting dark as dusk was falling,
So he beckoned them to shore,
But his dog took fright and shook and fled
Some say, to be seen no more!

Alas, too late, our hero baker
Realized they were no children at all
But a boatload of the little folk
Or Good People as others call,
He took to heel to the bridge he ran
Told locals standing there
Who thought he lad lost his senses
Which he thought wasnt fair.

The story spread of the four foot men
In a boat with dog like ears…
Some say some locals keep an eye still out
In the boating leprechaun crew reappears!

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