The Devil Quoting Scripture

Here is a little poem I wrote condemning all the self righteous craw thumping anti-immigrant anti-socialist so called Catholics and Protestant who run to church on Sunday, and spend the rest of the week sinning.

The Devil on the street stood trying to temp men to sin
So he opened up a whorehouse and invited all men in
He set himself up as a fair man, in whom both the lady’s and their Johns could trust
So that he’d gain a lot of souls from indulging in the sin of lust.
But most of what he got there were not men who were bad
But lonely, drunken and broken men who just were sad
And needed a womans touch at the end of the day
Something they would never know any other way
And yes while it was sinning, the sin it was not great
As it was not for lusts sake, rather the lack in their lives of a mate.

So Satan closed the whorehouse, and opened a pub
With dancing girls who against poles, while dancing, themselves would rub
And foolish men with too much money, and them their money would throw
And the promise was always there that after with them the lady’s would go
But to his dismay when at his club he looked around
The same clientèle there as in his whorehouse was found
And so the Lord being merciful as is only He
To punish these men for these sins, he’d send them to Purgatory.

So the Devil bought a bookies, as he saw on mens faces
How much they’s spend and what theyd do to get money to bet on races
And many came in and some won, and many more did lose
And the Devils bank account had a lot of cash for which he had no use.
But as at the sinners he looked, he saw it was not greed
That led to this lust for money, rather it was a need
Not even for the money itself, though to it no-one said no
It was to fill a desire for excitement that most to the bookies did go.

So the Devil became a drug dealer, and sold hash and cocaine and all
Only the best, he was not a crook, though he as Evil all do call
The drugs he but did never kill, for as a businessmen he was astute
For addicts trust a decent dealer… ah, the Devil… ain’t he cute!
And to pay him the addicts stole, and sold their bodies for cash
And themselves sold to others his Heroin and Hash
But their sins were not great though most commandments they did break
So the Devil said hed better find another trade for his nerves sake.

And so dejected that though he was round since the world began
Even the worst of lifes sinners could be saved… down to the last man
And how he’d tempt more souls to him, he truly did not know
And as if a divine revelation came, as past a church he did go
And he entered, and walked down the church and knelt in a pew
He felt like to God to start to pray, though devils never do
And he heard two faithful speaking, and heard one of them state
How much sinners, blacks and welfare dodgers she’d hate.

The Devil had a Eureka moment, and jumped up in joy
Blessed himself by mistake when running out, knocking down a little young boy
The way to sin lay deep within the human heart
And faith was the fast track there, where sin he could kick start
So… the Devil became a PREACHER, teaching of right and wrong
Blessing himself and saying mass and services all week long
And all were amaze and this new preacher, so proud and tall at first sight
Who spoke of Jews and Gypsies being wrong, and of Hitler being right

And men of simple thinking, who never thought before
On hearing the devils preaching, they went to their church more
And the bible read, and as good neighbours were to all around
And more often at home at prayer than in the tavern were found.
And the whorehouse the Devil founded, and since then had sold
It closed, as did the pub that Satan had bankrolled
And in trun collaped the bookies… its still closed even yet
They men hedged upon salvation, their lives last and only bet.

And they spoke of immigrants being kept out, and borders being closed
Cutting welfare, making the poor work, or they can starve, I would suppose
They talked of forefathers of their land who lived in different times
Who got the land because of others land stealing crimes
They talked of invading other nations, and weeding evil out
And allowing free trade in these nations, and motto’s began to shout
For a manifest destiny had declared, it was indeed Gods will
The white man would prevail, and be saved when fill

The valleys on the Day of Judgment, when all answer for sins and repent
They were sure that they would be there, with their preacher when they went
Ah, that they would in each others company be
But not in Heaven would they dwell for all eternity
The drug dealing blacks from the Ghetto, and the prostitute from the street
Each to their sins comitted confessed an repented when St Peter they did meet
The Jew who for his money charged too much when lent and more
With tears of geniune sadness apologised for his life before

The homosexual who lived and slept with other men at lifes end
Was pardoned for he tried to live before with a girlfriend
And all the sinners who repented were into heaven ushered inside
And the Preacher and his flock were taken to the other side…
To thier sins that were petty each one sure confessed
They had not murdered or stole, or fornicated, they did protest
And Gods true dugement came down: and this he did state
You are condemned for the mortal sin of HATE

You think your better than the rest, and at them frown
You do not drink or bet your money when you go into town
Not out of piety that is a virtue do you have inside
But spurred by the evil sin… the sin you have is PRIDE
You know no lust, and in the sins of the flesh have not physically endured
But thought you often entertained, but you thought yourself insured
That you were sure salvation, if you did not sins commit
But sins you DID do, and to it did not admit.

And they looked to the preacher, asked how did HE sin
And the devil looked at his flock: and started to grin
I promised you eternity, we are of the same flock, the same feather
And now I have delivered you to our eternity together
You are going to hell, there to dwell with me for evermore
And I am home at last, for I dwelt here before
I tried to souls to capture, and in so I often failed
But the devil can quote scripture, thats what Christ himself regailed

And now I have all your souls, for all time to come
You ho thought you were loving good… look what of you has become!
So my friends, when you hear preachers telling you to change your ways
And who to hate for how they live, and look so good when he prays
He could be the devil quoting scripture, a false prophet after your soul
Who tempts you to sin by doing good, and lists you onto his role
Don’t be afraid a little sin in life to indulge, you are but man
For that is how God made you, its the way since the world began.

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