The Cold Time, Between New Years

Evergreen - Symbol of the Druids - Now a Symbol of Christmastime
Evergreen – Symbol of the Druids – Now a Symbol of Christmastime

Between the New Years, of the Druid, and of Rome,
Evergreen garlands decorate the homes still,
The spirit of the faith before is strong…
It shall rule the peoples hearts, for still,
To spite the loss of Lynally at battles field,
All that was crushed was the Druidic profession,
They still go to where the mouths of the Gods are open,
At Holy Wells make at Pattern the now respectable procession.

The Christ Child, all folk worship now,
Though those who truly believe are few,
How many still held to the old faiths are unknown,
Those who need to did, and not many knew.
After the New Year of the Celts,
Before the New Year of the Christian Age…
Birth of a boy visited by Magi is celebrated…
During the Cold Time, when the storms rage.

1. The Cold Time – third month of the Celtic Year
2. Evergreen garlands – elbelm of the Druids to signify long life.
3. Lynally – (Tullamore, Co. Offaly), sight of the last pitch battle, lost by the Druids to Christian kings.
4. “All that was lost” – while the profession of the druids was lost, it continued on through the Ollamhs and the Bards, and also the Wise Women, and folk with “The Cure”
5. “Mouths of the Gods” – Holy Wells, blessed by preaching saints, after dedicated to them. Traditionally gates to the otherworld.
6. Pattern – Religious procession to a Holy Well, on a designated day of the local saint.

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