The Church Of The Quill

Glendalough in Wicklow from a trip in 2011
Glendalough in Wicklow from a trip in 2011

Im not a great one for churches, unless visiting ruined ones! But I worship God in my own way… another of the restored poems to the site, this I think is from 1998 or so!

I, the sinner, in church I am not seen
Because Im not missed, Im never asked where I’ve been
For I, few times my face in church has shown
And so, by those ho frequent it are not known.
By those to whom I’m unknown I’m not missed
And to be known to them I resist
But do I than them, love God less?
And does he, them more than me bless?
I who formal prayers rarely say
I worship God: through stanzas of faith I pray
I worship in verse and to do so I will
Prar to God in the Church of the Quill.

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