The Buck , The Nyeuck

Recently a friend from the Blackwater Poets was diagnosed with Cancer, which we rarely refer to by name, preferring euphemisms such as “the buck, or “the big C”. This verse is dedicated to Gene and all cancer sufferers.

Icon in St. Nicholas Church in Galway
Icon in St. Nicholas Church in Galway

The buck, the nyeuck, has run amuck
Appearing everywhere uninvited
Looking smug, acting the thug
He thinks that folk can’t fight it…

But we do and will, and shall until
We defeat it in every form it takes
Through the Medicine Man and every way we can
For our children’s and those gones sakes!







buck – male youth, of poor character
Cancer was called “the big C” or “the buck” as was any illness folk did not want to mention by name.

nyeuck – sniggerer, good for nothing

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