The Ambush at Clonfin

The North Longford Flying Column – was the fight worth it, when they ended up shooting fellow Irishmen in the following Irish Civil War?

Man for man, and gun for gun,
Mere peasants stood to the test,
With faith in God and their fellow man,
They fought, and came out best
Against troops of experience, battle hardened,
For whom it was a job to do
The then latest chapter in Irelands struggle…
If all then had only knew
In five years, all would be so different
Callaghan by his own would be killed
As MacEoin proved worse than the Tans in Sligo
Would their hearts with pain had filled…
But those dark days were yet to come
Among the buthalan, grass and whin
When Irishmen proved better than Britains best
In the ambush of Clonfin.

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