Tears For and Thoughts with Paris Tonight

Après la pluie, le beau temps.
Translation: After troubles, calm comes back.

These streets have seen blood before
Terror too, and have survived
The Commune, the Revolution, the Nazis and more
Buried its dead, moved on, remembered and thrived.

The enemy now is not a state
Or a standing army or a rebel mob off men
But a shadow that disappears to return anew
Unseen till too late, they attack again.

Those who attack do so in the names of the wronged
But wronged or not wronged they would attack still
For the hate the West for who and what we are
They seek to oppress the different, to rule, to kill.

They call on Gods name, as his name they know
Declare Him the greatest, as did Crusaders before them
Spill blood, taking His name in vain
Who on their deaths, shall judge and deny them.

These streets have seen blood before
Though seldom in these times of peace
After the trouble, like the storm, the calm returns
In time, these troubled times will cease.

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