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There was plenty of other mens girls who I would loved to have got low down pleasures with at the Tae Lane gig in Hugh Lynches Bar in Tullamore tonight. In a packed month of arts, as part of the Tullamore Rhymers, I was at Shakefest and Facefest as well as Scene of the Rhyme, and tonight it was grand to not be on the stage, but be looking up at someone else, and few better than Tullamore’s own Tae Lane.

The band themselves were launching their new “Low Down Pleasures” EP – the video of the title track is above. The shooting of the video is the stuff of legend apparently. I was walking the car park of the old Texas Department Store, out the little lane between The Paddy Field and The Wolftrap, and there were men repairing the back door of the Wolftrap. It looked like a big job. Must have been a rough night there I thought, then remembered the nightclub it led into was not operating at the time, as far as I knew, and so walked on and thought nothing more about it.

Then I heard the rumors. The night before, the band shot the video above, words were exchanged, someone got punched, it got a little WildWest, and the back door got the worst of it. Rock n Roll, Tullamore style! The truth of the rumors I don’t know, but it makes a great story and adds to the character of the band, headed up by the Mooney brothers.

“Low Down Pleasures” is my favourite of a few of their tracks, but the up-tempo rendition of “The Lonesome Boatman” send shivers up the spine and had people dancing crazy at the same time – such is the style, the power, and the passion of the band and them music they play.

I was there with fellow member of the Tullamore Rhymers Club Anthony Sullivan, having missed seeing “The 4 of Us” last night through lazyness! I also missed going down to see “Mrs Browns Boys” which was my initial plan for the night, and in both of those being missed, the loss was mine. While the film can be caught anytime, the gig is harder to get.

Scene of the Rhyme

“Black is the Colour of My True Loves Hair” was the title piece, a tribute to and borrowing from the classic song of thesame name from Dublin / Derry spoken word artist Sorcha Ní Mhealláin, who wrote it about her girlfriend. It being Pride week, she represented the normal face of the LGBT community, nothing forced, nothing in your face, just a girl who likes girls, perfectly normal, and hot to boot. All my dirty little fantasies got into overdrive!

The star artist was Temper-Mental MissElayneouss, who I enjoyed, but her bodhran playing was the stand out feature, and she is lost culturally in her act, if she concentrated on building an act around the bodhran and writing songs that tell the lives of ordinary folk, not just the “life is hard, f*ck life” aggressive rap scene, she would have a massive future.

Another chap, Daniel Ayiotis, done a prose piece with a great message about making the most of life, by giving the life and a day in the life, being the same thing, of a mayfly as if he was human. Has to be heard to see the concept, it is actually brilliant.

Tullamore shone bright with musicians Joey Jackson, Richard Brennan among others, and the Rhymers took to the stage with our hostage from Dublin David Hynes, who done his usual comedy and poetry routine, but this time gave us all a treat by keeping his trousers actually ON this time!

I read “Out of Tune” and another poem, inspired by a quote of George Bernard Shaw who didnt like the game of chess, “I Hope When Old to Waste My Time“.

Next Scene of the Rhyme is the last Thursday in July, actually the 31st.

FaceFest and Shakefest

The Rhymers done themselves proud at both Shakefest and Facefest, and being all festivalled out but still running, we are delighted to return to Charlville for the post

Shakefest BBQ next month. You can read about Facefest in a seperate post here, and here is a poem I wrote after seeing the solstice sunset from an unusual location!

New Work

As usual I have been scribbling away, one of my favourite new pieces is “Stone Statues, Stone Hearts“,inspired by the restoration of St. Mels Cathedral in Longford.

A story from the extended family the Drakes I have recorded in verse in “Saved by the Buttonhole“, and have had to resort yet again to retaliation in verse to Yer Man in Galway, the witless wit Kevin Higgins, who blogged about me again in the spat caused by the Life / Choice campaign he ran before the last elections.

There was nearly another spat with a Leitrim resident and fellow writer who will remain nameless who toook umbrindge  to this political satire poem of mine inspired by a quote of my fathers cousin who lived in Errew in Carrigallen.

Life is rarely dull when you are a writer!


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