Swans on the Grand Canal at Tullamore

Swans on the Grand Canal in Tullamore
Swans on the Grand Canal in Tullamore

For all that’s wrong in the world, what to worry of we choose
Ebola, and Al-Qaeda, all the nonsense in the news
I decided to forget it all, get away from the doom laden talk
Get back to being at one with nature, by the Canal to take a walk

As darkness fell this winters evening, where I walking on a whim
I saw coming towards me on the water, a pair of swans having a swim
Without a care in the world for anything else going on…
They are natural, are nature, as nature and them are one.

We should be like them I resolved, my resolution for the new year
To forget the worries of the world, how its made to appear
Enjoy the water and what we have, enjoy the cold and heat:
Enjoy life and be life, like the swan on the canal we meet!

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