Stone Angels, Stone Hearts

Pennies of the poor gathered, one by one, counted
Thousands, and hundreds of thousands, from the faithful amounted…
Destroyed one cold morning, the temple took years to rebuild from the earth
Nearby once upon a time, in a grotto, a child of Marys years died in a grotto giving birth
Gods weakest, a single mother, felt looked down on, was and felt alone…
Today stone hearts erect again upon the walls, cold angels of stone.

Dedicated to Anne Lovett, and all the tragic mothers who society and the church failed, for the crime of giving life. The irony and hypocrisy is that most of these would call themselves pro life.While its nice to see the Cathedral rebuilt, the beauty of the church in Longford is not in its stone churches and their ornamentations, but in the hearts of its flock. Is there any more beauty there today than in Ann Lovetts time in Granard?
Stone Angels at St Mels Cathedral in Longford
Stone Angels at St Mels Cathedral in Longford

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