Sons of Cain Are Told by the Mark

Is white skin the Mark of Cain - albinos in Africa could pass for Caucasians
Is white skin the Mark of Cain – albinos in Africa could pass for Caucasians. Acreengrab of CNN report linked to at the bottom.

The “Out of Africa” theory is generally accepted by science today, but how did we become white if everyone originally was black? Albinoism may cause the key, driven from society they interbred with each other, and became large enough to be a group apart and found their malady advantagous when moving north from savannahlands…

The mark of Cain, said to be dark skin by slavers, may instead actually be white skin?

In days of old the story told
By those who stood to gain
That the blacks made slave until the grave
They bore the mark of Cain
Their skin it was said the mark it was
Abel and his issue being white
So bible decreed enemies each breed
To enslave was the Caucasian right.

In modern times looking back
At a dark and not to distant past
Its hard to understand how mankind planned
Horror like slavery, and how long it did last.
We look to the west with a worried gaze
Histry may be repeating itself once more
It was a slow descent that humanity went
To slavery in the Anglo world before.

As I look in the mirror and think of this thinking
The craziness of thinking ones better from colour of skin
Few know albinoism is what made white men distinct from dark
We all are black, all are people, within.
In African voodoo albinos are hunted
As majical, limbs eaten, powers to gain…
The thought hit me as I cut myself shaving right then:
Maybe white skin is the mark of Cain!!!

* Albinos hunted in Malawi (CNN)

* Mark of Cain in racist thinking (Wikipedia)

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