Some House Party In Heaven

PRINCE - The Latest in the Heavenly All Stars Ceilidh Band
PRINCE – The Latest in the Heavenly All Stars Ceilidh Band

They are having some house party in Heaven
All of the greats they were playing
The Devil enjoyed the music drifting through the gates
But he couldn’t make out the lyrics they were saying.
Tupac he was throwing out rap
But he and Biggie still are not talking
Sinatras still crooning and the girls are still swooning
And Michael Jackson is still moonwalking.

But God got tired of listening to Elvis
Joe Dolan sure wrecked his head
Rory Gallaghar was so passeé
The Angels said that the great were still not dead.
Phil Lynnott had gone awol calling Buddy Holly a gennet
Oh, Kurt Cobain said. such an Irish phrase!
The angels in the skies to earth threw their eyes
John Coltrane some jazz he still plays.

They thought it time Heavens music updated to the seventies
So they got Terry Wogan, him such a good Eurovision MC
Paul Daniels for the tricks, Ronnie Corbett for the laughs
For the music they took Prince and David Bowie.
Now, they took such a cull, music down here is dull
Us yet to be dead here we are vexed
Sure we can play their CD’s as much as we please
But who will we lose to heaven next?

Could THEY not be happy with MP3’s playing
Not insist to have them in the spirit as well?
As we want them in the flesh playing to us at concerts
For when we die we might end up in Hell
The real punishment will not be the pitchforks
The real torture will not be the flames
But never again hearing the great artist
As in the right list alas was not our names!

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