Snakes Defense to the Charges About the Garden of Eden

My dad used to wind up preachers from the Jehovahs Witnesses by denying the Eden story, and using the last line of this verse in his argument! So, I imagined the snakes defense to the charges of suggesting to Eve to eat the apple, and incorporating my dads words!

Eve and the Serpent
Eve and the Serpent

Its not my fault that from Eden Adam and Eve got expelled
For the apple supposedly from the Forbidden Tree there eating
I got cursed in consequence and so fared worst
Their lusts their morals defeating.

It was not the words of the snake in the tree branches that excited her
But the sight of the one between the tree trunks of his legs that hung
I did not hell her what it was for, though she asked me and wondered
I could not speak: I am a snake, I have no tongue.

Im sure God in his time would have given his permission to explore
Could they the patience to wait in themselves found:
No, it was not the apple in the tree that caused them to be expelled
But rather. the pear (pair???) on the ground!

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