Smiles Can Hide a Million Tears

Smiles say more than a thousand words,
By some folk it is said,
But some hide the falling of a million tears
That unseen have been shed.
So next time you see a worry free smile,
Though you worrying may not be smiling inside…
Remember you may be the happier,
Having not the worries the smiler sadly does hide…

Smiles Can Hide a Million Tears
Smiles Can Hide a Million Tears
This poem was written after reading of the funeral of the tragic Lucy Forster Stack, who in her letter said “not a million talks over glasses of wine” could have stopped what she did as she could not cope, “too much having happened”. On the outside, to us looking in, she had it all: maybe all our financial worries and stresses of life that make us growl are what makes life worth living, as we have something to aim for.Lucy Stack, R.I.P. Just one of way too many…

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