Skopje At Night

Skopje city at night
Skopje city at night

The ladies are very friendly
In the carpark outside the hotel
If your interested and have money
For you all will be well…
I say no, ladies, not this time!
I wave, walk past with a smile
A trucker stops and whistles
The girl to him goes for a while.

Business it is booming
In the market of sin…
The global industry of all lands
That silent thrives within
A cloak of official denial
Where was she from? I do not know
Possibly from Albania or local
As on to the kebab shop I go.

I find one on a darkened corner
Id never go to if at home…
But I always go where the Romans go
When I find myself in Rome!
Maybe it was the air, I do not know,
But greedily I grab
And enjoy as if the best steak it was
This real Balkan Kebab…

Back to the hotel past the university
I walk slowly to my hotel,
The hookers are still doing business
One waves as I pass: all is well.
A snapshot of a city,
The cross on the hill looks down where I did walk
The moon gazes over where I sleep
Loudly neath the window strangers talk.

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