Six Minutes Until Death

Jailed by their own, reading of the deaths of others:
Six minutes it took one they read of to death to bleed!
Reality was around the corner…
To ignore the fact all had the need,
Form them, their six minutes was coming,
That it was so, for all, none knew
Reading words of one who dodged the bullet
I join the ranks of those who that fact knew.
The flag had changed allright, but not the tyranny,
True had become the late great James Connolly’s iconic words
Those notions, the new state those conflicts had created
Made the Proclaimation to be but the twittering of birds.
What do men think in those six minutes
That it takes a manshot in the heart fatally to die
For the want of a free united Ireland
That his former comrades now deny?


Marching to their deaths they sang the music to “Top of Cork Road”. Joe McKelvey had read in “Gadfly” that it took six minutes for a man to bleed to death when shot in the heart. Commenting, one said if they were shot they hoped it would not take that long. Little did they know it takes everyone that long to die when shot that way, and it was soon coming for them…

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