Silver Words from a Mouth of Iron

It is not he, the despised, but he who has returned…
You knew me last when but a boy when I left,
I, a man, return to you, much time passed,
But love and respect for you, in my heart strong…
“Cast the brigand to the road!” the order I gave
The fool walks the paths with his kine,
And I, returned to the bosom of my own,
To defend my own, you now have one to depend on.

No more worries of tomorrow, your future today –
My hand in yours, to you I declare,
No wolf resides neath your roof, no!
But the innocent lamb, blood unshed, of your blood.
Back in the fold, the mongrel, hungry roams the hillside
Howling at the moon.

I here tonight, stories tell of my journeys,
Friends made who miss me, who heard me tell of one
A great man, a man who made me who I am…
A tale of a man I am proud to be a son of
Proud to be able to call… father

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