She Who I Loved and Never Did

I’’ve not cast my eyes upon her,
For many months and years
And of joy and of pain,
She has caused me no tears,
She who I loved and yet never did,
As I thought it could never be,
She who I may never see again…
I wonder how is she?

Another in time will hold my heart
For such is life’s way and rule,
A heart is bigger for more than one,
Unless a mans a fool.
And looking back I may think,
It foolish how I did dream,
Of kisses and caresses from she,
How strange it all may seem…

And on that day when so am I,
Content in love with another,
And she is another man’s wife,
To another mans children a mother…
I will look back fondly,
Glad that I for a while
Though never loved I got to share
The beauty of her company and smile!

Read this poem in German, translated by Stefan Noa

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