She Loves Me Not, The Dandelion Said

“Elle m’aime un peu, non, pas du tout”

The game of blowing on a dandelion stating does the object of your affections love you or not is of French origion, with the phrase above “She loves me a little / not at all”… the poem below is based on the phrase…

Dandelion bloom in hand I took
The question I asked, blew, the florets shook
The only flight of florets that I got
Was when I said the words: “She loves me not”

I blew again, as all men do,
As hard as I could blow
But when I said she maybe loves a little
No florets from it would blow

But a gentle breeze ruffled the leaves
As I repeated she loves me not at all
The florets together in unison blew
Higher as lower my heart did fall.

With stem in hand, and broken dreams
Cast with the florets in the skies
For the Oracle of love, Dandelion
Passions Sage, knows all and never lies.

Dandelion - The Oracle of Love
Dandelion – The Oracle of Love

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