Seven Deadly Sins of Donald Trump

The reality in America
The reality in America… Support the cartoonist – and see the original page here:

Grab em by the pussy
~ Will this make the inaugural speech of Donald Trump?

As Donald Trump is set to be inaugurated at the 45th President of the United States of America, we look over how he is guilty of the Seven Deadly Sins…

Pride: Make America Great – to do so others must go under
Blacken the names of those different, tear their word asunder

Envy: Jealous of others popularity he tries to bring them down
Rips up their achievements, he is the King who is but a Clown

Wrath: having no thinking, his only option voilence
A good general keeps the eyes to peace – but Trump has no such sense.

Gluttony: hunger for power knows no sating
So he keeps all who will not question him, but all words are yes with sugarplating

Lust: Grab em. Need we elaborate?
Why must he belittle women to make as a man seem great?

Sloth: too lazy to learn, he repeats the mistakes of before
So we look at courting the Nativist hard right as a political block once more

Greed: for all he has, he will risk all for power
Gamble on false friends with words golden that he desires like the deserts do a shower!!!

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