Say Hello to all the Poets

Dedicated to the memory of the late Kay Kinghammer, of the Blackwater Poetry Group, R.I.P.

Robert Burns in Edinburgh by C M Hardie
Robert Burns in Edinburgh by C M Hardie

Say hello to all the poets as you meet them where you are
Keep an eye out for Robbie Burns, you’ll find him near the bar
Have a sing song with Thomas Moore, debate politics and truth
With Padraic Colum and Patrick Kavanagh as they chat to Eve Gore Booth
In time you will say hello to Shakespeare, to Milton and the rest
Of them all for the craic and verse I think Burns was the best
Though Im sure there are many others whose names to history is lost
Poet Higgins of Cloncoose is one, that my mind has crossed,
Swap verses with Samuel Fergusson, William Drennan and Lord Dunsaney’s crew
Goldsmith, Merriman and Beckett – feck it, say hello to them too!
When chatting to the women of all things poius and perverse
Have a good old gossip with the girls who wrote the verse
Isuelt Gonne and Katharine Tynan will have much to say
Eibhlín Dubh Ní Chonaill will be with her Art until the Judgement day
When in its time, our time being up, our time has come to go
Others will tell us when we arrive to the poets to say hello
And I intend to say hello to Burns, and poor old Mc Gonagall too
And as a poet I look forward then, to saying hello to you!

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