Santa Gets a Letter from Iraq

Santa Reading a Letter
Santa Reading a Letter


Santa got a letter, a letter that broke his heart,
Asked him for peace, to end a war that Santa did not start,
All the child wanted was for the fighting to cease,
That she could live without fear, and her land could know peace.

Santy, you are powerful, Mr Obama you must know,
Can you not call by Washington, tell him the troops must go?
Then drop off the toys to his daughters, and leave without a fuss,
We need no toys made in Taiwan, just peace for me and us.

The evening faded, from dark to jet dark in the Artic, reindeer ran in the snow…
Another shower of flakes came down, and the moon began to show…
Santa sat in his chair rocking… his eyes with tears did mist…
Said its just as well for girls like she, that I do not exist!”

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